New SmartCrane Version 4.0 is available for SIEMENS! More features, more functions, powerful support for calibration and commissioning.  Import SmartCrane programs and Routines directly into your crane project.  Substitute your tag names for our placeholder tags, activate our Initialization program and follow the instructions to collect all relevant crane behaviors directly into your new database.


Software For Siemens S7 PLCs

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STEP7 V14:Key SmartCrane algorithms are delivered as protected and licensed Function Blocks (FB), along with unprotected Organization Blocks (OB) and Data Blocks (DB) in TIA Portal v15.  Many unprotected FBs are also included as necessary to run the software.   Everything needed is organized in four OBs, ‘ActivateSmartCrane’, ‘SmartCraneInput’, ‘SmartCraneMain’, and ‘SmartCraneOutput.‘

Here is OB ‘SmartCraneMain’ in a simple automatic move setup,where the FBs are  fully supplied:

In ‘RunAutoMove’ we simply call the FB SC_AutoMove twice, once for each direction

Similarly in FB ‘RunOpenLoop’ there are two simple networks, one for each dimension of travel.

STEP7 v5: This limited version for legacy systems offers simple operator-assist antisway plus optional automatic move capability. A simple interface makes it easy to integrate the new features into your existing project.  A protected Function Block plus several open source function block source codes are supplied.  A single LAD function block does everything in one place.