Standard Equipment

Mobile Controller designed for harsh environments

Pre-wired connector and cables

Connection strip (44)

120/240V Power Supply

User display

Hoist Length encoder and cable

Installation Manual.

Optional Equipment

Magnetic sensors for detecting Slow Zones (Stop zones not needed because antisway will bring load to a safe stop)

Absolute encoder(s) for measuring horizontal position during automatic moves 

Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) for AC motor (Inverter-Duty recommended)

Factory mounted and wired subpanel

Enclosure and mounting (customer selectable)

Glands for external cabling

Lighted buttons

Warning and Ready beacons

Cube relays and base for trolley and crane/gantry drive signal control


Operator Stick Demand, either digital steps (4) or analog 0-10VDC

Optional Antisway ON/OFF

Optional Emergency Stop, with either antisway or straight ramp stopping

Auto position signals, either multi-signal or single-button cycling

Slow Zone signals, either user installed (digital) or SmartCrane supplied network (CAN) 


Speed reference (0.2-10VDC), FWD/ REV signals, and brake open signals.  Holds off brake closings until sway removal is complete.

Hoist reference, UP/DOWN and ENABLE digital signals

INPUTS (Digital Unless otherwise indicated)

Antisway Enable ON/OFF Signal

Emergency Stop ON/OFF Signal

Trolley Slow Zone FWD (digital)

Trolley Slow Zone REV (digital)

Trolley REV

Trolley 10% (1) With or Without Antisway

Trolley 20% (1)

Trolley 30% (1)

Trolley 100% or Analog 0-10VDC (set during commissioning)

Crane Slow Zone FWD (digital)          – OR Start Auto Move (2)

Crane Slow Zone REV (digital)– OR Automatic Deadman (2)

Crane REV           – OR Trolley Position 1 (2)

Crane 10% With or Without Antisway – OR Trolley Position 2 (2)

Crane 20%           – OR Trolley Position 3 (2)

Crane 30%           – OR Trolley Position 4 (2)

Crane 100% or Analog 0-10VDC – OR Trolley Position 5 (2)

External signal power (from drive, for digital switching realys)

OUTPUTS (Digital Unless otherwise indicated)

Lift Trolley Brake

Trolley Enable FWD

Trolley Enable REV

Trolley Speed Reference Analog 0.5-10VDC

Lift Crane Brake

Crane Enable FWD

Crane Enable REV

Crane Speed Reference Analog 0.5-10VDC

Display CAN High (3)

Display CAN Low (3)

RM9000 Encoder CAN High

RM9000 Encoder CAN Low

  1. (2)If crane direction antisway is disabled during commissioning, automatic trolley destination moves may be enabled.

Antisway Ready

Antisway Fault/Error

RM9000 Encoder Power +24VDC

CR0451 Display Power +24VDC

Output RM9000 Encoder GND

Output CR0451 Display GND

(1) Default percentages can be changed during commissioning.

  1. (2)If gantry/crane control is not enabled during commissioning, automatic trolley destination moves may be created and saved.

  2. (3)May share temporary connection for programming or software update; requires additional hardware supplied on short term basis by SmartCrane.


If factory mounted enclosure not selected, installer will need (1) mounting subpanel or other suitable surface, (2) round or square hole for display, (3) a length of M12 5-conductor cable to wire hoist encoder to drum, and (4) other cables to connect input and output signals. 


The SmartCrane display supports all phases of commissioning, including calibration of hoist sensor, setting optional input signals, ramp times and delay times, and swing timing tests to fix swing period adjustment factors.  The display can be moved temporarily for convenience.

If only one dimension of motion requires antisway, operator can use display to designate up to 5 automatic move positions.

When fully commissioned, the system will supply anti-sway signals based on operator demands, using fine adjustments to measured hoist length.

If automatic moves are enabled, the system may be configured to require a constant high signal from operator control (deadman) to begin or continue motion

No Programming

The SmartCrane software is complete as delivered.  No computer or computer training is required.